How to replace battery in Braun shaver

  • Buy NiMH battery. These batteries look like standard AA antacid batteries, then again, actually they can be revived. NiMH batteries can be found at any neighbourhood hardware shop.
  • Open the bundling for your new NiMH battery in the wake of buying. These batteries are frequently sold in products, so make sure put the unused crisp cells in a cool and dry spot that you can recall for some time later.
  • Evacuate the battery spread on your Braun 7505. Take out your lapsed battery and discard it at a Braun Service Centre or a proper gathering site for reusing battery-powered batteries. Supplement another NiMH battery cell into the battery opening of your shaver. Supplant the Braun 7505 battery spread.
  • Associate your capacity line to the Braun 7505 and plug it into your electrical plug. Charge your battery that is housed inside the Braun 7505 SyncroPro shaver to full limit and use at your circumspection.How to replace battery in Braun shaver

Steps When Replacing Braun shaverShaver Batteries

Totally release the shaver

Turn on the shaver and enable it to keep running until it closes down without anyone else.

This possibly happens when the battery inside is totally released. This total releasing is required in light of the fact that so as to supplant the battery you have to open the shaver packaging and will sooner or later touch the circuit board.

Any little charge left in the old battery could stun and harm you.

Open the shaver packaging

  • Most electric shavers are held into spot utilizing old screws available from the posterior of the shaver. Evacuate these screws individually utilizing a screw driver and spot them on a little plate to abstain from losing them.
  • In the event that your shaver won’t break into pieces effectively, check out the edge of the apparatus for minimal plastic clasps.
  • Pushing on these clasps with a screwdriver should discharge them enabling you to pull the shaver packaging separated.

Expel the old battery

  • Most batteries are fastened onto the circuit board so you’ll require your wire cutters for this progression.
  • Cautiously cut off the bind at the top finish of the battery associations at that point gradually haul the batteries out.

Introduce the new batteries

  • Various new batteries accompany little metal tabs at the top. Such batteries are said to be pre-selected.
  • It is these tabs that interface with the circuit pig so you’ll just need to immovably push on the tabs to guarantee that they come into contact with the board, you don’t need to weld.
  • In the event that the substitution batteries are not pre-selected, you can segregate the tabs on the old batteries and patch them on the new ones.

Supplant the shaver spread

Utilize the screws to fix the back portion of the shaver into spot. At that point plug in the charger and enable the new batteries to charge for around 30 minutes.

Turn the shaver on to check whether the introduced batteries are working effectively.

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Battery replacement in Braun shaver is very easy, just follow the simple steps and enjoy the shaving again with new battery.