how to remove razors from shavers

Process of Removing hairs from different body parts named as shaving.Both men and women do this process to remove to remove razors from shavers

The following are the different body parts where the shaver is used to remove hair –

  1. Chest hair
  2. Underarm
  3. Leg hair
  4. Abdominal hair
  5. Pubic hair
  6. Other any other body parts

Cartridge shaver, electric shaver, injector shaver, foil shaver, rotary shaver, epilator shaver are the different shavers which are used for shaving.


Razors are nothing but the bladed tool mostly used for removal of unwanted hair through process shaving.

There are multiple types of razors available which include straight razor, disposable razor, and an electric razor. The most widely us razor are an electric razor, safety razor though other types are also in use.


It is an improved version of razors are called shavers.they are classified in many like foil, electric, rotary, epilator, oscillating but from all of those electric shaver is most popular than any other.

Shaver is basically the equipment which is used for removing the hairs on different body parts causing smoothening of skin and that is named as “shaver”.

Different types of shaver

There are various types of shavers available in the market. The list of the shavers are as follows –

  1. Foil shaver
  2. Rotary shaver
  3. Disc shaver
  4. Electric shaver
  5. Cartridge shaver
  6. Injector shaver

The procedure of removing razor from shaver

To remove razors from shavers we have to follow the instructions which are as follows –

  1. Check the manual instruction list first.
  2. Remove two or four head screw from the backside of a shaver.
  3. Remover back cover of shaver using a screwdriver if it is not come off then check rubber grip.
  4. Take out the connection of battery backup which fixed on circuit board by the cutting the wires. (in case of removable batteries, lift the batteries out.)
  5. Keep it out of the circuit board by pulling screws by holding it off the front cover.
  6. Lift up the Blades /razors of assembly which is shaped like a triangle with 3 no. of holes.
  7. Take out the connection of motor wires, using soldering or either by cutting of wires securing with battery components.

Advantages of new Shaver as compared to a traditional razor

  1. It’s Quick in work.
  2. Also, it is convenient to use compared to the razor.
  3. They are less costly so many of savings can be done.
  4. No possibility of cuts or nicks.
  5. Shaver gives closed cuts to the skin than a razor.
  6. Beginners can use it with ease.
  7. Shaver’s can help to shave wet and dry type too.
  8. It is a modern device so it is more popular and has more feature.

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Shavers and razors are used for removing hairs.shaver are a modern and improved version of razor which is a conventional one. there is the stepwise procedure to remove the blades from shaver which is explained as above.